Contemporary Style. Expert Clothes. Tailored Fit.

Our Style

Whether you are looking for a casual yet classy look, or preparing for a big event, Jurgens & Holtvluwer has everything you need.  From button downs to tuxedos we have the best selection in the area!

Casual Wear
Comfortable, and casual. This is what you want to wear as often as possible. The quality of our modern classics appeal to everyone, and we have varying styles and striking colors to appeal to each individual's taste. Whether you're walking in the park, running errands, or just sitting back watching the game, you'll feel great, and look great, in our relaxed clothing.

Business Dress
No matter what people say about changing times and a more relaxed working atmosphere, there's still an aura of credibility and respect for anyone wearing a finely tailored suit. People wish they had the confidence to pull off a stylish business look. You have it. Our huge selection for Business Dress Wear keeps you looking good during presentations, meetings, and all your business interactions. We have tailored suits, blazers, trousers, shirts, ties, belts and accessories to make you the envy of the room.

Business Casual
You're a professional with an attitude. Someone who looks like he doesn't try to be stylish-but that's all the ruse. You know you're stylish, and you know others know, as well. Business-casual dress gives you the professional look you need in the office and the subdued sophistication you want out on the town. We'll outfit you in dressed-up sportswear: a sport coat or blazer with dress or casual trousers and a sport shirt, knit shirt, or sweater. Each person has a different look and image, and we're experts at helping you find the right combination for your personal style.

Formal Wear
Weddings. Black-tie events. Extravagant galas. This is when to pull out the stops. You need more than just charm and wit to make this a success, but with your impeccable style we can help you there. If you need to rent a tux for your senior prom, get your groomsmen set up to add some style to your wedding party, or just purchase a tux for your many black-tie events, we'll make sure you get the perfect tuxedo that fits as great as it looks - and that's quite a statement.

Big & Tall
You've probably left clothing stores discouraged with the size and fit of the clothes presented. At Jurgens, we know that our clients come in all shapes and sizes and we pride ourselves in having something for everyone. Visit our Big & Tall section and find exactly what you're looking for. We stock slacks up to 60 waist and dress shirts from size 16 neck and 36 sleeve to 22 neck and 39 sleeve for even the tallest guys. Casual shirts thru 4X tall, and portly sizes.